Asur Gondala

Asur Gondala

B.C. Assyrians, who lived in the north of Mesopotamia since 2500, have been a very warrior people. Assyrians gained endurance due to the cold and mountainous regions where they live, and they developed as warriors thanks to the wild animals they had to protect. Thus, they easily surrounded the cities by using the fighting vehicles quite well. They used the cuneiform they learned from the Sumerians and left various monumental structures. Assyrian Gondola, exhibited at the British Museum in London, BC. It was inspired by the wall relief found in the palace of Sinahheriba, which ruled between 704-681. On the stage, Assyrian warriors collide with the enemy at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates on a boat-shaped raft made of reeds. The Assyrian Gondola is made of hand-made glass, all the relief patterns on it are handcrafted and decorated using gold gilded and aged paints. Its production is limited to 2,000 units.

Width: 15 cm

Length: 41 cm

Height: 9.5 cm

It is 100% handmade.

Cleaning Recommendation: Wipe with a dry cloth.

132-134 Lots Road Chelsea, London


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