Göbeklitepe Object

Göbeklitepe Object Göbeklitepe Object

Göbeklitepe Archeological Area, 18 kilometers in the city of Şanlıurfa, Örencik Village is a must. The field can be explored in 1963 related to the partnership of Istanbul and Chicago Universities, the real value of the site began to emerge with the excavations to be carried out after 1994. In these studies, it was understood that Göbeklitepe was a cult center compared to 12000 years ago. It is understood that Göbeklitepe is a unique sanctuary for the Neolithic period with its location, history, dating and monumentality of its structures. Since it has remained untouched in its natural environment for 12000 years, important archaeological finds belong to the period. A common feature stands out in the way these temples dating from the stone age were built.

There are two on the screen of these temples surrounded by T-shaped columns. Due to the hand and arm depictions displayed on the T-shaped columns, the columns are thought to be stylized human forms. There are engraved animal reliefs and abstract symbols on the columns. Göbeklitepe Dikilitaş consists of the number of views in T-shaped columns in the temples, arm depictions and inspiration from processed animal reliefs and abstract symbols on the columns. Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site, which was included in the World Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO in 2011, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2018. Göbeklitepe Dikilitaş is made of hand-made glass and shaped by the 'pate de verre' technique. The pedestal is made of Toros black marble.

Its production is limited to 2,000 units.

Diameter: 12 cm

Height: 30 cm It is 100% handmade.

Recommendation: Wipe with a dry cloth.

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