Hasankeyf Bowl

Hasankeyf Bowl Hasankeyf Bowl

Masterpieces and pure workmanship in art and design from the refined and sophisticated architecture of the Seljuk and Ottoman era; elegant masterworks of our cultural heritage. The best of the best found their way into monumental portals, city and palace walls, mosques, madrassah courtyards, main gates, column capitals, minaret balconies, mihrabs, minbars, fountains; with geometrical weaves, lattices, plant decorations, low and high relief animal figures, palmettos and other decorative patterns; and also into non-architectural areas, the most widespread being craftily designed tombstones.

The place in Anatolia that was first to celebrate the masterpieces of the stone-masters, the location that preserved its stone and the workmanship of its masters-Hasankeyf. Carving their emotions, hopes, joy, sadness and pain into the stone just as writers and artists would do, the stone-masters gave meaning to the adage of ‘earning your bread from stone’. This is our tribute to Hasankeyf-and to the stonemasters who illuminated, from their vantage point in the past, our todays and tomorrows, who inspire us and make us proud. The inscribed stone relief pattern of ‘Esma’ül Hüsna’ appearing on the portal of the El-Rızk Mosque of the Era of the Eyyubis, on handmade glass, decorated with glass paint covering all of the relief patterns, with the same pattern unaccompanied by writing on the natural travertine base. The production of the Hasankeyf Bowl is limited to 2000 pieces.

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