Mineli Shield Vase

Mineli Shield Vase
Mineli Shield Vase Box

The shield is an angular or round defense weapon made of leather or metals, which was designed to protect the body from penetrating or cutting weapons before the invent of firearms. It was held in the left hand and was made in rectangular, round or raised forms. Shields were named after the materials they were made of. Iron shields were named ‘hacefe’, steel and round shields were called ‘yaleb’. Another type was named ‘matrak’. Shield manufacturing and adornment held an important place in Turkish handcrafts. The Enameled Shield Vase was adapted based on decoration patterns found on the 16th century Ottoman shield on display in the Topkapı Palace Museum. The design in the center was inspired by the ceramic 16th century plate found in the Kütahya Museum. The Enameled Shield Vase is handmade from white opal glass, and all the relief patterns are hand-decorated using 24-carat gilt and colored by enameling technique. The production of the Mineli Kalkan Vase is limited to 2000 pieces.

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